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21 Juli, 2012

My Thought About BEAST'S Comeback with Midnight Sun

Annyeong everyone, hello guys ~

In this post, I will scream the words out of my lungs, the words about what I'm actually thinking about BEAST's comeback with the mini album "Midnight Sun".
So first of all, excuse my language if I say maybe rude words or something that may offend your feeling, because I just want to say everything so I'd feel better about this :)

Filming MV(s) in New York. When I first heard about BEAST filming MV(s) in NYC, I'd thought about BEAST's changing. I mean I was certain that BEAST would change their old previous image to a new one for this most anticipated comeback, and it's NYC. There must be something about the city 'til BEAST feeling it was needed to shoot the MV(s) there. I was so curious and nervous at the same time in anticipating this comeback, since I'm a new B2UTY, and this would be my first time anticipating BEAST's comeback.

One day, I saw some photos of BEAST filming the MV(s), the first thing on my mind was, WOW. I noticed that their hairstyles were changed, and it changed, a lot. Colorful hairstyles, colorful wardrobes. I saw the NEW BEAST, the old BEAST has gone. I'm not gonna be a coward by saying I liked it a lot, that I liked the changes a lot. Because the truth is, I didn't like it. I know I'm a new fans, but I just felt like I didn't know BEAST at all with those colorful hairstyles and wardrobes. I liked it like when they were in SHOCK and FICTION Comeback. I liked BEAST that way, not this way. It was like this is not BEAST. This is 
somebody else.

I told you guys I will not being a coward by telling you I like the changes, because the very first time I saw those photos, I didn't like it. I even  didn't like Yoseob's orange hair. My very first question about it was : "Why? Why'd they change this much?". Really, that time, I couldn't accept BEAST's changing.

Until one day, I got a bitch-slap after reading someone's blog >>

"On the whole, their American trip was really tiring, coming to New York with such hot weather, filmed for 10+ hours a day, actors may take their break, but who’s there to replace them~~? We took for 4 hours, but they had to continue their shoot even after us leaving. That moment, I felt that celebrities are not easy to be. This Comeback, everyone please give in your support!"

From the posting above, I finally realized that BEAST had done so damn much for this comeback, they pushed their limits for this comeback. Six of them were exhausted, my Seobie wasn't feeling well during the MV(s) shoot, and I was complaining about their change? I should have been sent to hell for saying that kind of thing. Somebody should have been shot me for saying those bad things about BEAST.

Days went by, I changed from someone who disliking the new BEAST, to someone who is and will always continuing loving the boys, no matter what.

July 11, after BEAST held a broadcast titled HANGOUTS ON AIR WITH BEAST ON GOOGLE+ to celebrate their 1000day, they revealed the name of the mini album which would released on July 22 :

I cried. I regret for ever being such a douche by disliking them about their new concept. Once I saw the Midnight Sun photos, I'm proud. I'm proud for being a B2UTY. I'm proud of BEAST.

Days went by, teaser by teaser came out.

Throughout those news, updates, and teasers, I've been sleepless. Went to bed late at night, even 3 in the morning. Woke up at around 9 or 10 and there were already bunch of updates spreading everywhere, searching for the best photos, reading the best sources, making sure not missing any of a lot updates. And that was pretty hard things to do. I was always got panic-attacked anytime the news came out.
But still, that was nothing, compared to BEAST's hard work to prepare for this comeback.

Below, I will quoted about BEAST's members talking about this comeback (I give the link too) :

During a press conference at (name of place ignored) on July 20 at 4.30 pm regarding about BEAST's 5th mini album, the group have been asked about "one word to describe the album", the boys stated:
Yong Junhyung expressed that, “We want to use war to present this album. The process of preparing this album is like war, we have different opinions from people around us, and we’re insecure about all these changes. But we really wanted to show a confident look of ourselves on stage, so we decided to use this as title track.”
Leader, Yoon Doojoon stated, “It’s not that we want to challenge to break out from idols’ (usual) music styles, it’s just that we want to resist. The topic we were left was that, we have to make little changes to a certain extent that is acceptable among the public,” expressing his thoughts on their musical changes.
Dongwoon said, “To change our music style after 3 years, it’s a very hard thing to do. Even till now, we still have these confusing thoughts of, ‘Are we doing it right?’. But all six of us were initially confident about this title track, so even if it doesn’t turn out well, we will not have any regrets.”

During the same press conference mentioned above, the group confessed their worries about the transformation :
“Because this is the first time where we will be trying out electronic-styled music, there were lots of worries and frustration. The truth is, our attempt to change actually worries us.”“Towards our fans who waited for us for a long period of 1 year and 2 months, although showing our normal looks seems nothing big, but we worried that by doing so, we will disappoint them.”  “But, after we have thought over it, we’ve decided to put on the best album, and therefore, gaining   confidence from it.”Yoseob even said, “We hope that we’ve incorporated our experience from our world tour into this album. We felt that our interactions with fans are seriously little,” and, “Hope that with this album, we are able to compensate that part, and then show us our liberal yet handsome new teenage looks.”

BEAST who met up with reporters on July 20th confessed their nervousness and their goals of the transformation :

Members said, “We have stripped off those limitations of the title track which shows a strong dance and emotional songs such as “Shock”, “Fiction” and “On Rainy Days”.”
Exactly how they’ve said in would turn out, title track “Beautiful Night” is an electronic song which is composed by a new team of composers, which allows anybody in this hot summer to want to dance automatically.
This title track which was chosen meticulously, is to show the different sides of the members after a year and 2 months since their last comeback.
“Beautiful Night” is an MV which was filmed in New York, America, whereby the members wore casual wears and attractive accessories, showing a liberal image.
The members’ participation in this album is relatively high too.. Yong JunHyung participated in writing the lyrics for “Midnight” and “If I miss you”, as well as the composing and penning for “When you rest” and “Dream Girl”.
Prior to this, because they were actively holding activities overseas, towards this long yet blank period, BEAST confessed their nervousness.
“Of course we are nervous, but we actually thought more of bringing a good song for this comeback, and to receive more love. The reason for our delays in comeback since May was actually because of this.” (Jang Hyunseung)
Also, their experience in holding world tour concerts have helped in this new song too.
JunHyung and Hyunseung stated, “While touring world wide, we have felt the need to try out new things, and learn how to enjoy while we are at it.”, “Unconsciously, we have accumulated such thoughts, and will be showing all these in our upcoming activities”, they’ve explained.
Meanwhile, they have hinted on their anticipation for this album as well as their goals.
Hyunseung said, “Although we aren’t that greedy about getting awards, but during ‘Fiction’ era, which we have obtained consecutive 3 weeks of awards, and having titled ‘triple crowns’, “People around us are encouraging us to get 1st for 4 consecutive weeks. Hopefully, this will come true, making it a valuable activity.”
Lee Kikwang added on, “Lately PSY-sunbaenim’s song is really well-received, I hope that our songs will get loves from everyone too”.

And below is the complete summary of the Q&A of the press conference held at  Seoul Chungnamdong on July 20th at 4.30pm regarding their 5th mini album MIDNIGHT SUN :

Also, I would let you know about what Yang Yoseob and Yoon Doojoon wrote at their [BEAST CAFE] :

[cafe] 120720 yoseob’s post - this night i can’t fall asleep in

After rolling around and rustling on the bed like it’s my solo acrobatic show
I ended up coming down the ladder to sit in front of my computer and complain

Always before comeback I feel like that I can’t satisfy myself no matter how hard I try
Thinking that the songs we prepared will disappoint the fan or the public..
To be honest, I think I tend to worry more than I anticipate..

Um.. don’t be afraid of change..I’m reminded by these words..
But to be honest how can you not be afraid of change..
I think change is such a scary thing..

Of course I’m always thinking to myself “This change is going to be successful” but,
At the same time a corner of my heart is thinking the bad thought, “Well… would it really be that successful?”
I guess I can’t help it because I’m human..haha
This isn’t only happening to me, but I’m sure the Cube staff members..BEAST’s friends..Are all thinking the same thing. (If not oh well)

..Ack I’m rambling trying to write out my thoughts I didn’t even organize in my mind..
I feel like I’m have been writing the same thing and erasing it for an hour now.
I still have a lot of say, but I’m sleepy so I’ll stop here..keke

Anyways…BEAST is standing at the starting line again.
Maybe it’s because the start gun didn’t fire yet, but I’m nervous to the point I might throw up.
We will run well in the future zoom zoom!! Cheer for us a lot.. and cherish us..

We will…do well right~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?

Conclusion: We prepared a lot of this. Show us a lot of love.
Source :

Yoon Doojoon's Post : It's Beautiful Night when Stars are Shining
          Aiyo.. It has been a long while.. hehehehee
Firstly, I’m not writing because Yang Yoseob wrote it first.I actually wanted to write one on the night before comeback, but Yang Yoseob was faster than me.Wait till tomorrow morning, and I shall trained my boxing skills on him, that will be enough……..Heheheheh… Lately, I feel insecure……Now, the feelings I’m writing for this article… how are these feelings… like the feelings when we’re writing “Thanks To”…?There’s this feeling of becoming an idol……. And there’s also feelings of looking back in time…Ah… I’m an idol… ;;Hehehe.. Anyways, there’s always these insecurities whenever a new album is about be released, until I couldn’t go to sleep.This time, it’s more serious….Moments like this, looking back at what we’ve done during the day before sleeping….Compare it with the days where we can sleep happily….It’s more of ending the day with worries and reflection…Anyhow, we have some growth.So today, I’m telling you guys here, so that I can sleep well!!!It seems not bad here.If I say everything out, my feelings will be better….Hmm.. Less than 24 hours before the release of music source….There are lots of things too…In my heart, I feel pain, and my body is extremely tired….I want to go back to the stage, and meet everyone…Like this, day by day we’ve passed…. Now it’s really in front of our eyes.Let worries stop here…..Everybody.. really… very…. well done…Composer-hyungs, Prepix-hyungs, Manager-hyungs, staffs and crews,and also B2UTYS who waited for us for a year and 2 months…Lastly, thanking to our members…The long-awaited BEAST is coming back!!!Please listen to it well…
Hope your eyes and ears will be able to enjoy this fun summer!!!!!!! 
Source :

Ahh~ such a very long post huh? Keke~
So before I get more tired, this is my respond to BEAST's comeback, Yoseob's and Doojoon's posts :
To my BEAST boys, I apologize for ever being complaining about those transformations. I finally realized, that every single thing you've been done for this comeback is for us, Beauties, and people who support you. You've changed for us, you don't want us get bored of you, you want us to be more closer to you, above all, you want to satisfied us, to make us happy. And you know what guys, that is why we all love six of you. No matter how hard you try to be the best, you never think that you're the best already, no matter how hard you try to be perfect, you never think that you're perfect already. No matter how hard you try, you still think that you are less. That is why we love you. Because you are and will always keep trying, to be the best, to be perfect for us, to never disappoint us. Thank you for that, BEAST. Thank you for did and doing every single thing for us.
To my dearest Yang Yoseob. Obie, when I read your post that night, only 15 minutes after you post the thing, I cried, Obie. I never thought that you care about us that much until you weren't able to sleep well. Obie, I apologized for ever disliking BEAST's transformation, I won't ever, ever do that again, Obie. I realized that every single thing you do is for us, to make us happy. I realized that a 'change' is a scary thing too, but I also realized that a 'change' to be better is not bad. It's good as long as you change for the better. So my Obie, don't worry too much. You and the other BEAST's member will be successful with the new mini album. Will be successful in any single thing you'd done for us. I heard about your solo dance part on "Not Me" which you'll be performing on comeback stage, don't worry about that, your dance is perfect, you'll do good, you'll do well, you'll do best. I read about you who wasn't doing well during the NYC MV(s) shoot, it makes me sad. So please Obie, no matter how busy you are, eat well, take care and be healthy always. Saranghaeyo and thank you for everything Obie <3
 To my dear Yoon Doojoon. Doodoo, it was just couple hours ago I read about your post. Ahh oppa~ since you're become an idol now, you have to take care of yourself, be healthy always okay? About your feeling you've told us, we understand that, Doodoo. We understand how hard it is to prepare this long-awaited comeback for us, and we couldn't ask for more. We will always love and support BEAST no matter what, Doodoo oppa. Don't worry too much like Obie does, okay? keke~ thank you for everything Doodoo oppa, saranghaeyo <3
To BEAST, to the management, and to everyone who already prepare and work hard for this comeback, thank you. We really appreciate the hard work, we really appreciate every single sweat-drops and tear-drops in preparing this comeback. We promise that we will support BEAST no matter what, until forever. We will support BEAST through the good times, through the bad times, through the sunny days, through the cloudy days, through the storms, through the rain, through the snow. We promise.
I may not be there for BEAST in the beginning, but I promise, I will be there 'til the end.
I may be a new B2UTY and didn't wait one year and two months for this comeback, but my love and support towards BEAST is so freaking huge.
Ahh~ Such a very long and an emotional post right? :') I cried once awhile while writing this post :')
And the comeback will be in like what? an hour from now? wow that goes by so fast. Lol.
So this is the end of the post. Thanks for reading, comments and critics are welcomed <3

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